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Training Session on Caste-Based Discrimination in UK Business and Global Supply Chains

23rd August 2023

In July, Dalit Solidarity Network UK hosted two events on caste-based discrimination in UK business and global supply chains, in collaboration with Ethical Trading Initiative, School of Advanced Study at the University of London, International Dalit Solidarity Network, and National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights.

A training session on caste-based discrimination in business and supply chains was held on July 13th. We were joined by representatives from 9 different UK based businesses with supply chain links in caste affected areas. The training was targeted at enhancing the company’s ability to detect caste-based discrimination in these work place settings both in-house and within the supply chain. As well as exploring potential strategies for addressing them going forward in their work. Those in attendance heard from DSN UK Director Gazala Shaikh, and Chair Corinne Lennox, alongside ETI’s Hannah Bruce and Beena Pallical of the Asia Dalit Rights Forum.

This was followed by a dissemination meeting on July 18th, where we were able to share experiences and discuss future strategies. Here we were also joined by Manjula Pradeep and Peter McAllister. Manjula is a leading human rights activist in the area of Dalit rights, with a special focus on Dalit women. Those in attendance had the privilege of hearing a very inspiring talk from Manjula about her work surrounding Dalit rights in India and view her film Dalit Defenders: United in the struggle for dignity and justice. Peter is the Executive Director at Ethical Trading Initiative, with over 20 years of experience in international development and rights-based initiatives around the world. He shared with us his knowledge and strategies for recognising and addressing discriminatory practices in business and supply chains.

Both events were made possible through the grant support of Knowledge Exchange Fund of the University of London.

To watch the discussion session from July 18th follow the link below: