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Caste in Britain by Annapurna Waughray

29th March 2018

As we continue to wait for the outcome of the public consultation on Caste in Great Britain and Equality Law, which closed on 18 September 2017, Economic & Political Weekly published an excellent article Caste in Britain: public consultation on caste and equality law by Annapurna Waughray. The author provides insightful commentary on why the UK government has not adopted a legislation outlawing caste-based discrimination in the UK yet and concludes that ‘Legislating against caste discrimination in the UK is not only contentious, it has become highly politicised’.


The author notes that ‘The next step in the legal regulation of caste discrimination in the UK is the government’s response to the public consultation. Its importance for the development of UK equality law and for legal treatment of caste discrimination in the diaspora cannot be underestimated’.