Report everyday casteism

Have you experienced caste-based discrimination?  

Everyday casteism is an evidence gathering campaign seeking to catalogue instances of casteist behaviour, including incidents of discriminatory or caste hate speech behaviour, experienced on a day to day basis by people perceived to be ‘lower’ caste in the UK.

If you have been a victim of a caste prejudiced incident or caste hate crime and are still in danger, please call 999. If you are no longer in danger but would like to speak to the police, please call 101. For more information on hate crime and hate incidents please visit hate crime support website. You can find more advice on racial discrimination at Citizens Advice. Please note that this is not a reporting platform for crimes or incidents that would require action by the police or other authorities. It is solely for the collection of a body of evidence that caste hate speech or discriminatory behaviour exists in the UK and has a serious effect on the victims. 

We would like to encourage everyone to submit incidents that might be serious or negligible, very offensive or so minor and normalised that you do not even give it much thought or feel the need to protest.

By sharing your story, you are showing the world that caste-based discrimination and caste hate speech incidents do exist, that it is faced by non-dominant caste people every day and that it is a valid problem to discuss and address in the UK.

Any information you share with us will be used for the purpose of this project: summarising trends and building up evidence for policy and legal reform. We will not share any information you give us without your permission. Any private details are protected by the Data Protection Act. Your contact details will only be used to communicate with you on the information you provide.

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If you know of others who have been the subject of everyday casteism, please encourage them to report it here.

Please note that we are only looking to record incidents that occurred in the UK.