Raise Awareness

Inform yourself about caste discrimination and the human rights problems that stem from it. Make use of the resources on our website. If you travel to caste-affected countries, find out where caste-affected communities live and visit them.

  • Send the link of this website to a friend and ask them to watch the short film ‘I’m Dalit, how are you?’.
  • Include an article about caste in your organisation’s newsletter.
  • DSN-UK can help in providing a speaker about caste and our publications are free and can be ordered from our ‘Contact’ address.
  • Link your website to DSN-UK.
  • For more actions to be taken at the international level please click here.
  • Distribute information about DSN-UK and caste at your local library, school, university, community centre or office. We have a leaflet below that gives a brief introduction to caste-based discrimination, and we are happy to send you copies on request of you can download it by clicking on the picture.


The elimination of caste discrimination requires action and interventions by civil society actors across the world. As an activist you can help by showing solidarity, raising awareness and by putting pressure on the decision makers that are or should be accountable to you.

Inform yourself

Increase your own knowledge and understanding about caste-based discrimination through the resources on our website.

Get involved 

Raise awareness about global caste discrimination – if possible, jointly with others. Engage your parliamentarians and ask them what they do to eliminate caste discrimination.