CALL TO ACTION: complete the caste consultation (deadline extended)

1st August 2017

The Caste in Great Britain and Equality Law consultation deadline has been extended until 18 September 2017. This was as a result of a specific request from DSN-UK and the consortium of organisations and leading academics that have come together to produce guidelines and FAQs – all to be found on our dedicated website If you are yet to complete the consultation questionnaire please go to the above website and also for direct access to the consultation click here This is a crucial time as we need to send the new Government a powerful message that caste discrimination in the [..]


CALL TO ACTION – Complete UK Caste Consultation Questionnaire

9th June 2017

Help us outlaw caste-based discrimination in the UK - complete the public Consultation on Caste in Great Britain and Equality Law before 18 July 2017! Several organisations and renowned academics have come together and created a website providing guidance on the questionnaire and the caste Consultation document, both of which contain complex legal terms and words. We do not want this to be a barrier to anyone wanting to respond to the survey. Caste-based discrimination does exist here in the UK, acknowledged by both Parliament and the Government. It should be outlawed as any other form of discrimination. The government [..]


3rd Universal Periodic Review of the UK

16th May 2017

On 4 May 2017 the United Kingdom was reviewed under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Every 5 years the United Nations (UN) member states’ human rights records are reviewed during the UPR, a state-driven process, where other states make recommendations to a state under review. The Minister of Justice of the UK and Ireland, Oliver Heald, presented the state report emphasising that the UK voted for Brexit and is planning to leave the EU but will not to turn away from any other of its partners. He reiterated that there are no plans to withdraw from the European Court, the [..]


DSN-UK at the ‘Global Parliamentarians’ Conference on discrimination based on work and descent including caste’

13th March 2017

[caption id="attachment_4359" align="alignleft" width="300"] Launch of a research report with the panel including Katia Chirizzi, Meena Varma, Henri Tiphagne and Jerald Joseph.[/caption] On 25 and 26 February 2017, a ‘Global Parliamentarians’ Conference on discrimination based on work and descent including caste’ took place in Nepal, Kathmandu, organised by Asian Parliamentarian’s Forum on Dalit Concerns and Asia Dalit Rights Forum. The conference was attended by over 80 participants, including politicians, Dalit activists and diplomats. A highly ambitious programme covered two major themes – the situation today and strategies for tomorrow; and the specific status of Dalit women. Two research reports were [..]


“UK Caste consultation and Christian responsibility” debate at the Houses of Parliament

13th February 2017

On 1st of February Christian Network Against Caste Discrimination and Voice of Dalit International, UK organised a debate on the upcoming UK Caste consultation at the Houses of Parliament, which was hosted by Lord David Alton. The event attempted to add to discussions on the need for anti-caste based discrimination legislation in the UK. DSN-UK Director, Meena Varma, attended the event and contributed to the discussions. We would like to invite you to read an overview of the event on Lord David Alton’s blog, dated 1st February under the title “Dalits- meeting Feb 1st 2017 Room 3 House of Lords, [..]