Unite Against Caste Discrimination – Please join us !!

22nd April 2013

When:    Public Rally on Tuesday 23rd April:  12.00 – 15.00hrs.

Where:  Parliament Square, Westminster, London. SW1P 3AA.

Why:      To Outlaw Caste Discrimination in the UK.


Demonstration in Parliament Sq.   Photo: CasteWatchUK

On 4th March 2013, the House of Lords overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill to outlaw Caste Discrimination in the UK with Section (9)(1) of the Equality Act 2010 to include Caste as a protected Characteristic in Law.

The House of Commons Considered the Lords Amendment to Equalities Act Section(9)(1)

But it was voted down by Commons on 16th April by 307 to 243 giving government majority of only 64.

The ERR Bill is now in a ping-pong stage.

Thousands of us rallied on Tuesday, 16th April in Parliament Square to urge government to protect victims .

The ERR Bill returns to the Commons for re-consideration Tuesday, 23rd April.

Once again, there will be a public Rally on Tuesday, 23rd April in Parliament Square, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA.

Please be there to add your voice and support the campaign to outlaw Caste Based Discrimination in the UK.

We realise that it is a very short notice but taking into consideration how important, urgent and huge our cause is, we have no doubt that we’ll get your support.

We call upon all those, who want to see our future generations liberated from this pernicious form of discrimination, to join us and add their voice to the debate in House of Commons to be held on Tuesday 23 April, 2013, to outlaw caste based discrimination without any further delay.

Statement of Dalit Groups April 2013