Important !! ERR Bill. Take Action Now !

18th March 2013


Parliament , London SW1

We have already heard that the government looks likely to turn down the amendment despite its overwhelming majority in the House of Lords. Below and attached is the letter and email you could send to your local MP to urge them to support the amendment in the ERR Bill and vote for its acceptance when the Bill reverts to the Commons.

We need as many MPs as possible to vote on the day from across the House.

We anticipate the Bill will return to the Commons after Easter and will need to be passed by May 7.

Please write to your own MP.

That this House supports the majority vote passed in the House of Lords to outlaw caste discrimination in the UK by including caste as an aspect of race in the Equality Act 2010; notes the UK’s international human rights obligations; and calls on the Government to reconsider its position and to uphold the essential British value of equality and justice.

Hit the link for a copy of a standard letter which can be used to lobby your MP

MP template letter and brief

BY POST: Print out the letter and address it to your MP. Add their name above the address of Parliament and add your own address at the top right so that they know it’s from a constituent.  You can find out who your MP is at:

BY EMAIL: You can copy the letter into an email and send it to your MP electronically. You can email your MP by going to:

Also we need them to sign EDM 1183

It would be great to hear back from you when you have sent the information to your MP so we can keep track of how much of an impact we are making as a network.