House of Lords 9th January 2013

10th January 2013

Baroness Thornton

Baroness Thornton’s amendment clause 28ZD on Caste in the Equality Act to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill 2012 was tabled in the House of Lords in the evening of Jan 9. 2013

Both DSN-UK and ACDA were present at the meeting

Unfortunately, in spite of very powerful arguments from Baroness Thornton, herself, Lord Avebury ; Lord Harries and Lord Deben all calling for the legislation to be activated the Government felt unable to accept this amendment. Baroness Stowell of Beeston, speaking on behalf of the Government, did however agree to a further meeting with all stakeholders

Baroness Thornton proposed an ‘big thank you’ to Lord Avebury and Lord Harries for their enormous contribution to this campaign as well as to Lord Deben for his significant comments made during the debate. She concluded by saying: ‘The Government are getting this wrong and they need to remedy it’.

For the ‘Hansard’ transcript of this meeting please hit the link below