International Human Rights Day 10th December 2012

7th January 2013

Human Rights Day 10 December 2012

At a reception to mark the London launch of the UK’s campaign for election to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, DSN-UK and CasteWatch UK continue to take up the cause for Dalit people in the UK and internationally.

Here they met with the  Ambassador of Nepal; Keith Porteous Wood – Executive Director, National Secular Society; Baroness Sayeeda Warsi – Senior Minister of State for Human Rights, Foreign and Commonwealth Office  and Baroness Uddin – Politician and Community Activist.

Issues discussed included the need for the UK Equality Act legislation to be activated as well as further discussions on the campaigns in South Asia specifically India and Nepal  

 Meena Varma,Director DSN-UK; Davinder Prasad, Director, CasteWatch UK              Davinder Prasad; Baroness Warsi  Davinder Prasad; Ambassador of Nepal (cenre)  from left:Keith Porteous Wood; Baroness Uddin; Meena Varma; Davinder Prasad