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24th October 2012

Please sign the Petition

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We need a big result in order to persuade Maria Miller MP to ‘trigger the clause!!’

As you may know, despite the inclusion of caste as a factor of discrimination in the 2010 Equality Act, the lack of Ministerial activation of Clause 9(5)(a) has prevented access to recourse and justice to those who have faced this ‘hidden apartheid’.

The importance of this has been exemplified with an on-going employment tribunal – Coventry solicitors Vijay and Amardeep Begraj v. Heer Manak Solicitors. The couple have recorded over 100 instances of discrimination including harassment, reduced pay and unfair dismissal – all because they formed a relationship across the invisible caste divide. This is the first case of caste discrimination to gain such widespread attention in the UK; though of course, this has been a growing issue for a long time.

As we wait for further developments in the case of the Begraj dispute, we urge you to sign a petition to indicate your support for our call to the Minister for Equalities, Maria Miller MP to activate the aforementioned clause in the Equality Act, and ensure that caste discrimination is outlawed in the UK.

You can find the petition here: