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August 2013 The Government remains determined to stall on caste discrimination legislation Despite letters...

August 2013 The Government remains determined to stall on caste discrimination legislation

Despite letters from Lord Avebury to query the conduct of the Minister Helen Grant MP, the responses from the Secretary of State, Rt Hon Maria Miller MP and the Prime Minister Rt Hon David Cameron indicate their unwillingness to question the Minister’s conduct despite what appears to be a clear breach of government policy.

Letter to the Prime Minister

Response from the Prime Minister August 2013

Letter to Rt Hon Maria Miller MP

Response from Rt Hon Maria Miller MP 2013


July 2013 The Government announcement

The Government published their long anticipated timetable for its consultation and implementation of caste discrimination legislation under Clause 9(5)(a) of the Equality Act

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Press Release July 2013 – the long road to equality for Dalits in the UK


July 2013 Anticipating the timetable to implementation

DSN-UK AGM discussed what and why and how we will overcome the measures that are currently being discussed by the Government which will effectively kick the issue of caste discrimination legislation into the long grass. A proposed and unprecedented consultation period of up to 2 years, further research and review being undertaken by the Equality and Human Rights Commission of at least 6 months are just two of the ways being used to bring unnecessary delay to the implementation and enforcement of the legislation. To date despite letters and communications, there has been no indication of a proposed timetable, brief or guidelines as to how the consultation will be handled. The Dalit groups are still waiting for the much needed legislation to be implemented.

Baroness Stowell stated quite clearly in the House of Lords on 22 April about the timing for the public consultation:

The Government intend to start the consultation before the Summer Recess and finish it before the end of this year. In the same timescale, as I have already mentioned, the Equality and Human Rights Commission will investigate independently the right way of tackling the problem we see in the evidence presented by NIESR and other studies.”

The Alliance of Hindu Organisations have met with the Minister on at least 2 or 3 occasions, and also receive timely and encouraging responses to their letters and demands.




Championing the cause in the House of Lords is Lord Avebury who will leave no stone unturned in his fight for the rights of Dalits – asking Parliamentary Questions and writing to the Ministers in the House of Lords and Commons as well as the Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Baroness Stowell answers_2013_06_26

Helen Grant MP to Lord Avebury 25 June 13

Lord Avebury response to HG MP 3July13

Baroness O’Neill to Lord Avebury 09072013

Lord Avebury to Baroness O’Neill Chair EHRC 10072013