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 Arguments over caste spread from India to Britain >  The Economist: 'Britain's political class...

 Arguments over caste spread from India to Britain

>  The Economist: ‘Britain’s political class is caught up in an argument over caste’


India’s Elephant in the Room

The success of Slumdog Millionaire obscures the real cause of poverty in India – The Caste System

Slumdog Millionaire which swept the board at the ‘Baftas’ at the weekend and is hotly tipped to do the same at the Oscars later in the month, has ignited a debate across the World and on Cif on the poverty faced by millions in the slums of India

hit the link to read Meena Varma, Director, DSN-UK in The Guardian

> The Guardian Article

 The British Caste Conundrum

Comedian Paul Sinha speaks his mind on Caste to the BBC

At the outset of making this programme my view, like yours i’d imagine, was that caste is a relatively outdated system of prejudices which may have significance in certain parts of India, but is largely irrelevant in modern Britain. But that isn’t the case. In the course of making this programme i’ve met British Asians who feel that they are being discriminated against because they are untouchables, or Dalit

> Listen on BBC ‘World at One’

 Caste Discrimination in the UK

 Meena Varma, Director. DSN-UK debates with Jane Garvey on BBC ‘Womens Hour’

How widely has Caste prejudice been imported to Britain from the Indian sub-continent?

> Listen to this item and read more

 Despair of the Outcasts

Some of Britain’s biggest finance sector companies are quietly collaborating with a system of discrimination as evil as apartheid

“None of the call centres used by British Companies employ a single Dalit”  Meena Varma, Director. DSN-UK

Read how DSN-UK and UNITE the Union are collaborating to urge ‘affirmative action’ within the private sector

> Despair of the OutCasts