Videos on Cast Discrimination Watch > I'm Dalit - How are you?  (11 mins) for a brief introduction...

Videos on Cast Discrimination

Watch > I’m Dalit – How are you?  (11 mins) for a brief introduction to the issue of caste discrimination.

The IDSN YouTube channel also presents a selection of videos on caste discrmination. Organised into playlists by country as well as by theme. > Click here to go direclty to the channel on YouTube >> or use the links below to go directly to the thematic or country playlists.

Videos by country:

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Yemen – Al Akhdam »
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Videos by theme/ issue

Child Labour »
Education »
Slavery/ Bonded Labour »
Atrocities »
Untouchability Practices »
Dalit Women »
Manual Scavenging »
Forced Prostitution »
When disaster strikes »
Empowerment and Protest »
Hunger »
Land Rights »
Political Participation »
Dalit Children »
Torture »
TV reportage »
INGOs on Dalits »
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Videos on

> I’m Dalit – How are you?  (11 mins)
Based on “Lesser Humans” by Stalin K/Drishti Media Collective and “Resilient Rythms” by Gopal Manon/Other Media Communications. Produced with the support of IDSN.

> OUTCAST HEROES  (preview – 6 mins) Produced by Fatusch Productions with the support of Dalit Network Netherlands and IDSN.

> A woman apart (10 mins)
Produced by Elisa Veini and Paul van der Stap for Dalit Network Netherlands.

> Untouchable? (23 mins)

> Caste discrimination when disaster strikes (10mins by The Guardian)

> Vidoes on caste discrimination from the Video Volunteers Community video project – India Unheard

Other video material is available upon request to info(at)

Videos on caste discrimination within the UK